Ovarian Cysts

Fluid-filled sacs (cysts) often form on the ovaries. There are several different types of ovarian cysts, the most common being functional cysts. Often, ovarian cysts do not cause symptoms. You may not realize you have one until you visit your doctor for a routine exam. Ovarian cysts can cause problems if they twist, bleed, or rupture. So it’s important to have regular gynecologic exams so that any problems can be diagnosed and treated. Pain in the abdomen or pelvis is the most common symptom of an ovarian cyst, but most are asymptomatic.

If you have ovarian cysts, you should consider all your treatment options and work with your doctor to identify the best treatment option for you.

Treatment Options

Birth control pills may relieve the pain from ovarian cysts. They prevent ovulation, which reduces the odds that new cysts will form. However, surgery may be necessary if the cyst doesn’t go away, grows, or causes you pain.

Laparoscopic-robot assisted Cystectomy or Oophorectomy, is an exciting new treatment option in minimally invasive surgery for conditions including ovarian cysts or tumors.

What is a Ovarian Cystectomy? What is an Oophorectomy?

Ovarian Cystectomy is a procedure for those benign conditions of the ovary in which a cyst can be removed and when you and your doctor deem it desirable to leave a functional ovary in place. This is particularly true in women who are still in their child bearing years. Thus, if it is technically feasible and where one is assured that there is no malignant tissue present, it behooves those performing pelvic surgery to attempt to perform ovarian cystectomy in preference to oophorectomy, particularly in those patients who want to have children.

Oophorectomy, in contrast, refers to the removal of the ovary. This is a surgical procedure where only one or both of the ovaries are removed. Most often, an oophorectomy is performed in conjunction with a hysterectomy; however, it can be performed without a hysterectomy if the case dictates.

In both situations, Laparoscopic-robot assisted ovarian cystectomy or oophorectomy now allows your surgeon to perform a minimally invasive procedure for ovarian problems.

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